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My earliest memory of making art was in kindergarten when my teacher asked me why I'd painted the trees red and the sky green. Why?Because it looked good and made perfect sense to me! 


Creativity has always been my life blood: theater, film, directing, acting, visual art and writing.

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A few years ago I started focusing more on painting. It began with many small canvases in palettes of blue, green, silver, and gold. Then during the pandemic, a gift of quarantine was turning my living room into a little art studio and painting canvases of all shapes, sizes and colors, every day. It became my meditation, shutting off the 'busy' part of my brain and thankfully zoning into a more serene and spiritual one.


My style is Abstract Expressionism:  Action Art. Inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Helen Frankenthaler and Hilma af Klint, it’s infused with the passion, energy, vibrant colors and movement of the moment. There’s no pre-planning, leaving me free to express all creative impulses and emotions, letting my imagination flow spontaneously onto the canvas. Using acrylics, oil sticks, pouring and dripping paint, layering colors and mark making, I work on the floor, moving around the canvas while listening to one of my many classic rock playlists. 


Recently I was honored that my painting, "BLM" was featured in a double-page spread in ART TALK magazine. My painting,  "BRIGHT, FIGHT, LIGHT" was auctioned off for the Brushes For Cancer Charity, exhibiting at the WNDR Museum in Chicago.


Commissioned paintings of mine hang in homes in Dallas, LA, Detroit and NYC. Aiming for more, so reach out as I love making specific pieces for specific places!


I’m fortunate to spend my days teaching directing in the film divisions of NYU and Columbia University, as well as writing, directing, creating and making art. And just like in kindergarten, the element of surprise is always present and makes perfect sense to me!  🎨 

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